Announcing New No Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure Near Hillsborough, NC

If you’re seeking a no scalpel vasectomy doctor near Hillsborough, North Carolina, look no further than His Choice No Scalpel Vasectomy!

new-no-scalpel-vasectomy-procedure-hillsborough-ncDr. Matthew Zerden, the Medical Director of His Choice Vasectomy in Durham and Chapel Hill, specializes in a single-visit, minimally invasive vasectomy. This is the newest and easiest vasectomy procedure available.

During a His Choice Vasectomy:

  • No needle is used for anesthesia.
  • No scalpel is used to create an opening.
  • Nothing is removed from your body.
  • No ice or frozen peas are required.

One key fact to consider is that Dr. Zerden’s office is conveniently located on the border of Durham and Chapel Hill.

For those seeking a vasectomy near Hillsborough, NC, the following information will help you understand why driving to Chapel Hill for a seamless vasectomy experience with Dr. Zerden is a great idea.

His Choice Vasectomy: Making Vasectomy Easy

His Choice No Cut offers an easy no scalpel vasectomy procedure with several advantages:

  • No consultation is required. Vasectomy can be done in a single office visit.
  • Anesthesia is administered using a hand-held spray applicator without the need for a needle.
  • A driver is not required, and oral sedation is not necessary.
  • Only one no scalpel skin opening is made, eliminating the need for sutures.
  • The failure rate is extremely low, and most men recover fully within 48 hours.

Consultation appointments are not obligatory, except for men with certain medical histories. Most men find a consultation unnecessary as they are already familiar with the vasectomy procedure, and avoiding an extra appointment reduces costs and anxiety.

If you have done your research the biggest selling point of seeing Dr. Zerden for your vasectomy is that fact that you can get one of the newest most minimally invasive vasectomy procedures done in a single visit with very little wait time!

Most other places will have you waiting for 1 to 3 months…and that is just for the first consultation visit. If you schedule your procedure with Dr. Zerden, you will be fully recovered by the time another doctor’s office can get you in for your first consultation appointment!

His Choice Vasectomy: No Needle Anesthesia

His Choice Vasectomy uses a hand-held spray device for local anesthesia, described by most men as a sensation similar to being lightly tapped with a rubber band. This method is far more appealing to many than getting a needle inserted into the scrotum.

Trust us, no needle anesthesia is the best way to go. Quick, easy, and almost immediately effective.

His Choice Vasectomy: No scalpel, one skin opening

Traditional vasectomy procedures, also known as a conventional vasectomy procedure, involve a surgical scalpel, resulting in full-thickness skin damage requiring sutures and causing discomfort.

His Choice’s “no cut” technique uses a pointy device to create a small skin opening, using the skin’s natural elasticity to spread the opening. Only one opening is made. The skin is not cut… only a small opening is spread.

The skin is elastic and will slowly squeeze closed. Sutures are not needed, and the opening will naturally close within 24 to 48 hours.

His Choice Vasectomy: Open-ended procedure

Unlike traditional vasectomy where a small section of the tube is removed, His Choice Vasectomy uses cautery to divide and seal the tube closed. The lower end remains open. This is referred to as an open-ended vasectomy technique.

Over time, the lower end will gradually heal closed, resulting in less pressure and less pain during recovery. This method boasts lower failure rates than conventional vasectomy.

Lowest chance of vasectomy failure

His Choice No Cut Vasectomy employs three crucial techniques that contribute to its very low failure rate:

  1. Division of the tubes, commonly done in most vasectomy procedures.
  2. Cautery/coagulation of the inside of the vas deferens tubes, promoting quicker healing.
  3. Separation of the tubal ends using a small titanium clip, preventing rejoining. His Choice Vasectomy boasts a failure rate of approximately 0.3% within the first 3 months, decreasing to 0.5% after confirming the absence of sperm in a semen sample.

Long-acting local anesthesia with minimal downtime

frozen-peas-not-required-with-new-vasectomy-procedureA long acting local anesthetic is used during the vasectomy procedure, This anesthetic provides up to six hours of pain relief after a His Choice vasectomy.

Rest is advised for 48 hours, and patients can resume normal activity, including sexual activity, after the first two days of recovery.

No frozen peas or ice packs are necessary, making this one of the easiest vasectomy procedures available.

An affordable vasectomy procedure

His Choice No Cut Vasectomy is an affordable vasectomy procedure, especially with the elimination of the additional cost of a consultation visit.

While Dr. Zerden does not accept health insurance directly, patients can submit their receipts to their insurance companies for reimbursement after the vasectomy procedure has been completed.

With its convenience, minimal downtime, and high success rates, His Choice No Cut Vasectomy is an excellent option for those seeking a vasectomy near Hillsborough, NC.

For more information, visit Dr. Zerden’s website and consider self-scheduling your vasectomy procedure today.

Dr. Zerden offers the best and easiest vasectomy procedure available in the Carolinas!

Start scheduling your vasectomy now!

If you want an easy vasectomy with no hassles then schedule with Dr Zerden. A consultation is not required and you can have everything done all in on visit!

More information: Getting started with scheduling single visit vasectomy now

Remember…minimal downtime and frozen peas and ice are not required!

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After vasectomy my testosterone will drop!


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After Vasectomy My Manhood Will Be Taken Away!


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