Cost of Vasectomy

Cost of Vasectomy

A major barrier to getting vasectomy is the number of office visits required and the cost of each visit. Many vasectomy providers will make you wait weeks to have a vasectomy and you could end up paying for the entire procedure depending on your health insurance deductible.

We specialize in offering an affordable, single visit vasectomy procedure.

The total cost for a single visit vasectomy procedure is $1,250.

You travel to our office one time. You have your vasectomy. You are done!

The $1,250 costs is all-inclusive. The cost covers the entire vasectomy procedure and the three (3) month post-vasectomy semen analysis.

*Most men choose a single visit vasectomy procedure. If you desire a consultation or have a medical condition requiring a consultation then you will have to pay for the consultation appointment (see consultation cost below).

The cost for a vasectomy consultation appointment is $250.

The consultation cost is not applied towards the single visit vasectomy procedure cost.

You should schedule a consultation if:

  • You would prefer to talk to the doctor before having a vasectomy
  • You want oral, prescription anxiety reducing medication during your vasectomy.
  • You have a high risk medical condition (see below).

For most patients the consultation visit is optional and not required.

To schedule a consultation visit contact our office by email and we will provide you with a special website link that allows you to schedule a consultation visit.

Do not use the appointment scheduler on this page because it only allows scheduling of single visit vasectomy appointments.

Consultation is required for high risk medical conditions.

Patients are required to have a mandatory consultation appointment when they:

  • Have a history of undescended testicle (either surgically corrected or uncorrected)
  • Take prescription blood thinners*
  • Have a bleeding disorder
  • Desire oral anxiety reducing prescription medication during their vasectomy procedure.

When you have a high risk condition, a physical exam and careful discussion can allow us to better determine if vasectomy is the best procedure for you.

Do not use the single visit appointment scheduler on this page because it only allows scheduling single visit vasectomy appointments. Contact our office by email for an appointment.

* If you are taking prescription blood thinner your doctor may be able to provide us with instructions on how to manage your medication during your vasectomy. You may be able to avoid having a mandatory consultation appointment. Contact us by email to discuss.

We do not accept health insurance.

You will be required to pay in full at the time of your procedure.

Our office will provide you with instructions (see below) on how to obtain reimbursement from your health care insurance company after your vasectomy procedure has been completed.

Most health insurance plans will cover vasectomy. The more important questions are 1) what is your deductible and 2) how much, if any, have you paid towards your deductible this year? If you would like to find out if your health insurance will cover your vasectomy then you will have to contact your health insurance plan and inquire. More information: How to determine if health insurance will cover your vasectomy?

You will need to pay for your vasectomy on the day of your visit.

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, FSA/HSA cards, and cash.

We do accept CareCredit financing.

We do not accept cash, personal checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders.

Serious problems are very uncommon after a vasectomy procedure.

  • If you believe you are having a problem within the first three (3) months of your vasectomy procedure, then, if it is required, we will see you in the office at no additional cost.
  • If you believe you are having a problem three (3) months or more after your vasectomy procedure then you will need to pay for a consultation appointment to be evaluated.

We do not require a routine follow up visit after vasectomy because this visit is unnecessary for most vasectomy patients.

All His Choice patients receive the doctor’s personal cell phone number to call or text if they think they are experiencing a vasectomy related problem.

We will provide you with a semen sample testing kit immediately after your vasectomy procedure.

The cost of the semen sample testing kit is included in the cost of your vasectomy procedure.

You can complete this test in the privacy of your own home three (3) months after your vasectomy procedure. You will mail the kit to a specially selected outside lab (postage is prepaid).

You will receive your results by email or cell phone after the lab has reviewed your sample.

Scheduling Your Vasectomy: 3 Simple Steps!

Scheduling a vasectomy procedure is easy and can be completed in 3 simple steps!

Step 1:

Decide if you would like a single visit vasectomy or an optional consultation. If you have a high risk condition you will need a mandatory consultation. To schedule a consultation contact us by email. If you want a single visit vasectomy then proceed to step 2!

Step 2:

Schedule your appointment using our website scheduling app. You do not even have to contact us. Simply pick your date, time, and pay the scheduling fee.

Step 3:

Watch our vasectomy educational videos!

Ready to schedule?

Vasectomy Videos

Ready To Schedule?


Separating the Facts & Myths

MYTH #1:

My testicles will drop after my vasectomy!


No Your Testicles Will Not Drop

MYTH #2:

Sex will not be the same after vasectomy!


Your Sex Live May Be Even Better

MYTH #3:

After vasectomy my testosterone will drop!


Your Testosterone Levels Will Be The Same

MYTH #4:

After Vasectomy My Manhood Will Be Taken Away!


You Manhood Is Not Affected