Why Choose Vasectomy With Us

Why Have Your Vasectomy Procedure With Us?

 Why His Choice Vasectomy of Durham & Chapel Hill: Seven Great Reasons!

His Choice No Cut vasectomy is one of the most minimally invasive vasectomy procedures.

More information: What is a His Choice No Cut No Scalpel vasectomy?

Our vasectomy procedures are performed without using a needle for anesthesia, without using a scalpel to make a skin opening, and using an open end technique. This approach may result in less discomfort for patients during their vasectomy recovery. Who would not want this?

More information: What is an open end vasectomy? You will be back in action 48 hours after having your vasectomy!

We offer Single Visit Vasectomy appointments. It is rare to find a doctor who provides vasectomy in a single visit.

His Choice Vasectomy is one of few vasectomy offices offering patients the option of having vasectomy done during a single office visit.

More information: Single Visit Vasectomy: Do you need a vasectomy consultation?

Most vasectomy providers will have you waiting months to schedule your consultation. You will then have to wait longer to have your actual vasectomy procedure. You will have at least two visits and a lot of time to think about it all!

We have dedicated vasectomy time: Our time is important… and so is yours!

We dedicate our time to exclusively providing vasectomy. We do not do anything else. This means when you have your vasectomy with our office it will be easy to schedule, quick, and efficient.

We offer one of the most affordable vasectomy procedures around.

More information: Cost of Vasectomy

We do not accept health insurance as payment for vasectomy.

You will need to pay in full on the day of service for your vasectomy procedure, but you can submit your receipts to your health insurance company for reimbursement.

Even when you pay out of pocket, most patients will pay far less having a vasectomy with our office than with most other vasectomy doctors. Many practices will quote you costs ranging from $1,200 to $2,500 to have a vasectomy procedure. If you have no health insurance or a high deductible then you may end up paying the entire cost of your vasectomy procedure.

Most vasectomy doctors require two separate appointments: a consultation appointment first and a vasectomy procedure appointment second. You will wait longer and may have to pay for each office visit.

For more information: Will my health insurance cover the cost of my vasectomy?

Our office will provide you with the receipts so you can submit to your health insurance after your vasectomy has been completed.

We only have two requirements for patients when having a His Choice vasectomy:

  • You must be able to provide informed consent
  • You must be over the age of 21

That’s it!

We do not require you have children.

We do not require you be married or obtain the consent of your spouse.

We do not discriminate based upon gender or sexual orientation. We do not require you to have a psychological evaluation. We provide a safe space for you to exercise your decision about your fertility.

Our patients are adults and can make their own decisions about what is right for them.

We do not require a mandatory follow-up visit after vasectomy because most of our patients do not have problems. A routine vasectomy follow-up appointment is unnecessary for most vasectomy patients.

Every patient will be provided the doctor’s personal cell phone number. Patients are encouraged to call if they are having a problem requiring urgent attention.

We absolutely love our innovative after vasectomy semen sample test kit. Why? Our convenient semen sample test kit truly makes your vasectomy a single visit procedure.
  1. You collect your sample in the privacy of your own home.
  2. You mail your sample directly to the lab.
  3. The lab will contact you directly!
To learn more about our mail-in test kit watch the video below. Please note the cost of the kit and the prepaid postage are included in the cost of your vasectomy procedure.
Gone are the days of patients having to make that embarrassing return visit to the office with a semen sample cup in their hands, walking through a waiting room full of patients, and giving their samples to the front desk staff!
We want you to be comfortable with your decision and with our team before you walk into our office. We want you to be as informed as possible.

To provide comprehensive information about vasectomy, we have developed a 9 part vasectomy educational video series:

More information: His Choice Vasectomy Educational Video Series

Our videos are a great educational tool that allows our patients to be well informed before they even make their vasectomy appointment. Our videos are key in helping patients become comfortable with the concept of a single visit vasectomy appointment!

Schedule Your Vasectomy In 3 Simple Steps!

Many patients are uncomfortable calling and speaking to another person about having a personal medical procedure. We have eliminated the need for you to have to speak with our staff person when scheduling.

Gone are the days where you have to call and feel embarrassed talking about vasectomy. You won’t have to let our staff throw dates and times at you that just won’t work.

By using our website scheduling app you can, you can pick the best date and time for your appointment. You can select what works best with your schedule.

Pay Scheduling Fee & Complete Registration

Watch Videos Before Your Appointment

How much easier can we make having a vasectomy?  Ready to get started?

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Separating the Facts & Myths

MYTH #1:

My testicles will drop after my vasectomy!


No Your Testicles Will Not Drop

MYTH #2:

Sex will not be the same after vasectomy!


Your Sex Live May Be Even Better

MYTH #3:

After vasectomy my testosterone will drop!


Your Testosterone Levels Will Be The Same

MYTH #4:

After Vasectomy My Manhood Will Be Taken Away!


You Manhood Is Not Affected