Vasectomy In A Single Visit

Do You Need A Vasectomy Consultation?

We specialize in vasectomy. As a result of our specialization, we allow our patients to have vasectomy done in a single office visit.

Most patients cannot believe we offer a single visit vasectomy procedure because most other doctors do not offer this as an option. One of the most common sources of confusion for patients is whether or not they need to schedule a vasectomy consultation appointment?

Most vasectomy providers require patients to have a consultation visit before they can have a vasectomy. We do not require a consultation.

Vasectomy Consultations: Professional Group Recommendations

Experts of the American Urological Association are of the opinion vasectomy patients should have a preoperative consultation.

A preoperative interactive consultation should be conducted, preferably in person. If an in-person consultation is not possible, then preoperative consultation by telephone or electronic communication is an acceptable alternative.

– Expert Opinion of the American Urological Association: 2015 Vasectomy Position Statement

We like to point out the AUA recommendation is just that…a recommendation and a professional group opinion.

Why Do Doctors Make You Have A Consultation Before Having Vasectomy?

A consultation is often required for three reasons. The first and second reasons are obvious and the third reason not so obvious:

  • First reason: Vasectomy is permanent and potentially life changing. The doctor wants to make sure the patient is confident in their decision.
  • Second reason: Consultations appointments are used to provide vasectomy education, discuss the risks of the procedure, and answer patient questions.
  • Third reason: Health insurance has become so complicated most patients need an office visit to determine exactly how much they will need to pay towards their vasectomy

The reality is the first reason is often addressed with a simple question: “Are you sure about this?”

The second reason is often glossed over with a brief discussion or a patient handout.

Unfortunately, in today’s more complicated health insurance environment, the third reason has become the major driving force behind the consultation visit.

Vasectomy Consultations: The His Choice View

Vasectomy is permanent. In our experience almost all of our patients understand this very important fact.

Vasectomy risk. We have utilized the technology of the internet to provide a comprehensive website and educational videos to help relay this information. If patients watch our videos and review our website they will obtain a more comprehensive education about vasectomy than is usually provided during a 10 to 15 minute traditional office vasectomy consultation. Moreover, vasectomy complications are so uncommon this is not a good reason to force 100% patients to have a consultation.

These risks of vasectomy are increased in patients who have a bleeding disorder, who are on prescription blood thinners, or who have an undescended testicle or previous surgery for an undescended testicle. This is why we require a consultation for this group of patents.

The fact is we offer a consultation but it is optional and only for patients who feel a consultation is important to them.

Our Patients Are Adults!

We are of the opinion that we only offer vasectomy to patients over the age of 21. Our patients are all adults. Adults, theoretically, have the ability to make their own health care decisions.

Almost everyone knows vasectomy is a permanent procedure that prevents you from causing pregnancy.

Why do we need to force you to have an unnecessary consultation to discuss the obvious?

Why do we need to force you to have an unnecessary consultation to discuss what is ultimately an extremely safe procedure?

We are of the belief that if you are an adult then it is your body and your choice. This is one reason why we do not require a separate vasectomy consultation.

Who needs a consultation before having a vasectomy?

We recommend patients have a consultation before having a vasectomy if they want to discuss the procedure and have questions that remain unanswered after reading our website.

There are only two groups of patients who need a consultation before having a vasectomy:

  1. Those who feel more comfortable meeting and talking with the doctor. These patients often have specific questions they want answered and want to hear it ‘straight from the doctor’s mouth’.
  2. Those who have specific high risk medical conditions that can increase the risks of vasectomy.

High Risk Conditions Requiring A Consultation

A vasectomy consultation is mandatory for patients when they:

  • Have an undescended testicle (either repaired or not repaired)
  • Are taking prescription blood thinners
  • Have bleeding disorders

These are medical conditions that could increase the chance your vasectomy can not be completed successfully. These conditions may increase the risk of having a vasectomy complication (a scrotal hematoma or chronic scrotal pain).

An exam is everything in patients who have high risk conditions.

A physical exam can allow us to better evaluate your vasectomy risks. We then like to have a discussion about the risks of vasectomy as it relates to your specific medical conditions.

The reality is a few patients are not great candidates for vasectomy. Tubal ligation or an IUD may be a better choice for some of these higher risk patients.

Thankfully it is rare to have a condition that makes you a poor candidate for a vasectomy procedure.

It has long been our belief that a mandatory vasectomy consultation can be an unnecessary barrier for most men who are considering vasectomy. 

Most doctors require patients have a consultation visit. As a result, their consultation schedules are booked far out into the future. Half of their patients will never show up for their appointments. Most patients are not eager to get a vasectomy and any excuse will entice them to skip their appointments. 

These patients will not be charged for those missed appointments. There is no incentive to show up or even cancel ahead of time. Many of these patients are forced to schedule far out into the future. The further out you schedule then the greater the chance something unexpected will come up that needs their attention.

The vasectomy consultation system that allows people to cancel without penalty and requires them to schedule far out into the future can create a never ending cycle of lack of appointment availability and a high appointment no-show/cancellation rate.

How does it usually work out for us when we schedule a dental cleaning six months into the future?

We prefer to let our patients determine what they feel is best for them because each patient has a unique and personal reason why they want to have a vasectomy.

Most patients don’t make a hasty decision to have a vasectomy. Most take the time to be well informed about their vasectomy procedure before they ever walk into a doctor’s office.

For others, they are simply satisfied to know it is a safe office-based procedure which provides permanent birth control. Many of these patients are perfectly content walking into an office and having a vasectomy without a consultation.

Some patients do have concerns about their medical conditions, risks of vasectomy, or possible complications of vasectomy. Sometimes the patient is perfectly content but their partner may have concerns. If you or your partner has concerns about having a vasectomy procedure then you should make a consultation appointment.

This website has been designed to provide readers with extensive information about vasectomy.

We have provided in-depth insight into both the risks and benefits of having a vasectomy.

If you have a high-risk health condition or have questions or concerns about vasectomy after reviewing the website then we encourage you to make a vasectomy consultation appointment.

You are also welcome to schedule a consultation to discuss if vasectomy is an appropriate choice for you.

Essentially, you are making a personal decision about your life and how you want to control your fertility.

We think it is entirely appropriate to let you decide if you want to have a consultation visit before having a vasectomy procedure.

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Separating the Facts & Myths

MYTH #1:

My testicles will drop after my vasectomy!


No Your Testicles Will Not Drop

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Sex will not be the same after vasectomy!


Your Sex Live May Be Even Better

MYTH #3:

After vasectomy my testosterone will drop!


Your Testosterone Levels Will Be The Same

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After Vasectomy My Manhood Will Be Taken Away!


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