Vasectomy access, sharing our approach

Presenting at the NC OBGYN Society Meeting on Vasectomy

Teaching OBGYNs about Vasectomy Earlier this month, I had the privilege of presenting at the North Carolina OBGYN Society on the topic: Vasectomy for the OBGYN Provider. In this presentation, I spoke to leading OBGYNs in the state on how vasectomy is an important medical procedure that we need to start providing. Many patients are […]

March Madness: The Perfect Time for a Vasectomy Slam Dunk

March Madness Vasectomy

March Madness: The Perfect Time for a Vasectomy Slam Dunk Tobacco Road connecting Durham and Chapel Hill is the epicenter of College Basketball. Here is a short list of basketball greats that wore light and dark blue: Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Christian Laettner, Grant Hill, Zion Williamson, Vince Carter, and so many more. Raleigh to […]

Best vasectomy procedure: Less pain, no needle, short recovery!

Giving you the best vasectomy procedure: Less pain, no needles, short recovery, & effective! Congrats! You’ve decided a vasectomy is the right decision for you. Now comes an important step, finding a clinic where you can get the procedure. Many men are worried about pain, recovery time, and potential complications. Traditional vasectomies, involving needles, scalpels, […]

The modern vasectomy procedure: Using at-home, mail-in sperm tests


At His Choice Durham, we are always striving to provide the most up-to-date and efficient vasectomy procedure and offer it to you in the most convenient way. As you likely know, after your vasectomy procedure, you need a semen test. In order to make sure the vasectomy procedure worked, you have to know you are […]