Vasectomy access, sharing our approach

Presenting at the NC OBGYN Society Meeting on Vasectomy

Teaching OBGYNs about Vasectomy Earlier this month, I had the privilege of presenting at the North Carolina OBGYN Society on the topic: Vasectomy for the OBGYN Provider. In this presentation, I spoke to leading OBGYNs in the state on how vasectomy is an important medical procedure that we need to start providing. Many patients are […]

March Madness: The Perfect Time for a Vasectomy Slam Dunk

March Madness Vasectomy

March Madness: The Perfect Time for a Vasectomy Slam Dunk Tobacco Road connecting Durham and Chapel Hill is the epicenter of College Basketball. Here is a short list of basketball greats that wore light and dark blue: Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Christian Laettner, Grant Hill, Zion Williamson, Vince Carter, and so many more. Raleigh to […]

Best vasectomy procedure: Less pain, no needle, short recovery!

Giving you the best vasectomy procedure: Less pain, no needles, short recovery, & effective! Congrats! You’ve decided a vasectomy is the right decision for you. Now comes an important step, finding a clinic where you can get the procedure. Many men are worried about pain, recovery time, and potential complications. Traditional vasectomies, involving needles, scalpels, […]

The modern vasectomy procedure: Using at-home, mail-in sperm tests


At His Choice Durham, we are always striving to provide the most up-to-date and efficient vasectomy procedure and offer it to you in the most convenient way. As you likely know, after your vasectomy procedure, you need a semen test. In order to make sure the vasectomy procedure worked, you have to know you are […]

Announcing New No Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure Near Hillsborough, NC

If you’re seeking a no scalpel vasectomy doctor near Hillsborough, North Carolina, look no further than His Choice No Scalpel Vasectomy! Dr. Matthew Zerden, the Medical Director of His Choice Vasectomy in Durham and Chapel Hill, specializes in a single-visit, minimally invasive vasectomy. This is the newest and easiest vasectomy procedure available. During a His […]

No Scalpel Vasectomy In Chapel Hill

If you have been looking to have a no scalpel vasectomy in Chapel Hill then you may have realized you don’t have a lot of options. Of course Chapel Hill is a small, magical college town and it has always been a good place to find top-notch medical care. Unfortunately, you may not be able […]

No Scalpel Vasectomy In Durham, Look No Further Than His Choice!

Are you looking to have a vasectomy in Durham NC? If so then you are in luck! Many counties in North Carolina have limited options for having a vasectomy. Most rural providers only offer traditional, old-school scalpel vasectomy. Durham county has a decent number of doctors who provide vasectomy; however, you are quickly going to […]

Meet Dr Zerden Provider Of The Newest Vasectomy Procedure Around

I am Dr. Matthew Zerden and I am the Medical Director of His Choice Vasectomy of Durham and Chapel Hill! I am proud to offer one of the newest vasectomy procedures in the area: His Choice No Cut Vasectomy. I am a Board Certified Obstetrics and Gynecology.  I have a special interest in reproduction and […]