No Scalpel Vasectomy In Chapel Hill

looking-for-vasectomy-in-chapel-hill-see-dr-zerden-of-his-choice-vasectomy-durham-chapel-hillIf you have been looking to have a no scalpel vasectomy in Chapel Hill then you may have realized you don’t have a lot of options.

Of course Chapel Hill is a small, magical college town and it has always been a good place to find top-notch medical care.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to easily get a vasectomy in Chapel Hill…or at least it will not be as easy as it should be.

Chapel Hill is mostly college students and retirees but that is not the reason it is hard to get a vasectomy!

You essentially have three choices if you want to have a vasectomy in Chapel Hill, North Carolina:

  1. Schedule at a large university setting
  2. Go to large urologic practice
  3. See Dr Zerden in a single visit

Options # 1 and #2 are workable but for reasons we will explain these first two options are less than ideal.

If you want to have an easy vasectomy experience then you should consider having your vasectomy with Dr Matthew Zerden of His Choice Vasectomy of Durham and Chapel Hill.

He offers affordable, single visit no needle, no scalpel vasectomy in Chapel Hill North Carolina.

No scalpel vasectomy with a large university

Do you know what the worst thing is about having a medical visit with a large university? Parking!

You often times have to park so far away from the doctors actual office that it kind of makes the visit a small journey! Who likes parking in a large garage and having to walk a half a mile or hop on a transport van to have a doctor’s visit?

The reality is you will be lucky if all you have to worry about is parking…because before you will even have a chance to worry about parking you are going to have an even harder time making an appointment.

Most large universities do not give priority to vasectomy procedures. You will have a challenging time scheduling your vasectomy procedure.

Problem #1. It is impossible to get a knowledgable person on the phone who can answer any questions about the vasectomy experience. The routine answer will be ” You need to have a consultation appointment with the physician.”

Problem #2. They may accept your insurance but no one is going to be able to tell you how much your vasectomy will actually cost. Your health insurance may cover your vasectomy procedure but if you have not paid any money towards your deductible then you may be on the hook for the entire procedure. These procedures are not cheap and they are even more expensive in larger hospital/teaching universities.

Problem #3. You are going to wait a long time to have your first appointment. Many of these places are understaffed. You may be given an appointment 2 to 6 months in the future and this will just be for the consultation appointment. The appointment for the actual vasectomy will take even longer.

Maybe a large university is not worth the hassle…how about one of the urology groups for your vasectomy in Chapel Hill?

Having a vasectomy with a large urology group

The best thing about going to a large group medical practice compared to a university is that the parking will be better! Unfortunately, just about everything else will be the same. To make matters worse, Chapel Hill is not that large of a town so there are not that many urology groups to choose from.

You are going to have the same issues with staff not being able to provide you information about details and cost of the vasectomy procedure. You are going to get the same “You need to make an appointment to discuss with the doctor.” response.

You may not have to wait as long with a large urologic group but you are still going to have to wait awhile for an appointment. Every patient will be required to have a consultation appointment. Every patient will then be required to have a separate vasectomy procedure appointment.

Do you really want to go through all of the hassle of making an appointment to talk about a vasectomy 3 months in the future and then make another appointment 3 months after that for a vasectomy?

That’s a long time to think about something you are nervous about. While you are are waiting for that appointment something serious could happen….like a pregnancy! If you are looking for a vasectomy then pregnancy is what you are trying to prevent…. why make you wait longer so something unexpected can happen?

No scalpel vasectomy in Chapel Hill NC? See Dr Zerden!

You should consider having an easy, no barrier vasectomy with Dr. Matthew Zerden of His Choice Vasectomy.

What makes vasectomy with Dr. Zerden so easy? He offers single visit minimally invasive vasectomy

Single visit vasectomy. Dr. Zerden is one of few doctors in North Carolina who lets patients make an appointment to have a vasectomy done in a single office visit.

No needle vasectomy procedure. Not only is Dr. Zerden one of few vasectomy doctors offering single vasectomy appointments, but he is one of few doctors offering patients no needle, no scalpel vasectomy.

During a His Choice vasectomy local anesthetic is administered with a small hand held air injector. The hand held air injector uses a puff of air is used to push the anesthetic into the superficial layers of the skin and into the vas deferens.

Although this may sound crazy, it only feels like the snap of a small rubber band on the skin. You may not like the idea of a rubber band snap on the skin…but would you rather have a needle instead?

No scalpel vasectomy procedure. During a no scalpel vasectomy and single small poke is made in the center of the scrotum. This creates a small hole and this hole is stretched open. The skin is elastic or like rubber. You can stretch it open and it will then slowly squeeze closed. Sutures are not required and the opening is usually sealed shut within 24 hours.

Vasectomy with minimal downtime

his-choice-no-scalpel-vasectomy-chapel-hillWhen you have a His Choice No Cut No Scalpel vasectomy you will be having one of the most minimally invasive vasectomy procedures available.

Your vasectomy will be provided with a single office visit.

Anesthesia will be provided without using a needle in the scrotum.

Your entire vasectomy procedure will be done through one single opening in the scrotal skin made with a no scalpel opening. Your opening will be closed without needing any sutures.

How much easier can we make it?

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Separating the Facts & Myths

MYTH #1:

My testicles will drop after my vasectomy!


No Your Testicles Will Not Drop

MYTH #2:

Sex will not be the same after vasectomy!


Your Sex Life May Be Even Better

MYTH #3:

After vasectomy my testosterone will drop!


Your Testosterone Levels Will Be The Same

MYTH #4:

After Vasectomy My Manhood Will Be Taken Away!


You Manhood Is Not Affected

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