The modern vasectomy procedure: Using at-home, mail-in sperm tests

At His Choice Durham, we are always striving to provide the most up-to-date and efficient vasectomy procedure and offer it to you in the most convenient way. As you likely know, after your vasectomy procedure, you need a semen test. In order to make sure the vasectomy procedure worked, you have to know you are “shooting blanks”.

Here at His Choice Durham, we have modernized our vasectomy procedure so that you never have to leave your home with your semen sample. Most providers require that you bring in a “fresh sample” of semen or go to a lab to “produce a sample”.

We have moved on to a more modern and user-friendly vasectomy procedure and follow-up.

A Modern Vasectomy Procedure Should Offer Easy Testing

At His Choice Durham, we have partnered with the company Fellows to offer you a more convenient and modern approach to the last stage of the vasectomy procedure, sending in your semen sample. At your vasectomy procedure appointment, you will receive a Fellows kit, which is a $140 value (but is included in the price of your vasectomy).

You will activate the kit before you leave your vasectomy procedure appointment. Then all you need to do is have 20 ejaculations over the next 3 months (that is your homework!). At 3 months, you will put your sample in the Fellows container provided at your vasectomy visit. You will then mail the kit using the prepaid packaging. That’s it!

No need to travel around town with your sample and worry about dropping it off at the clinic. No need to drive to a lab and have to produce a sample which you then have to awkwardly hand to the lab assistants. We make this part easy and private!

Semen Sample Testing From The Privacy of Your Own Home

To learn more about our great home testing kit then watch this video.

How Your Vasectomy Procedure Works To Prevent Pregnancy

To go back to the basics, the vasectomy procedure works by cutting (and in our case burning) the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm from your testicles to your urethra. Because sperm live and mature inside your body for months, simply having the vasectomy procedure does not make your sterile. You have to wait for the sperm that are in your body to mature and exit your body before you can rely on the procedure for contraception. Believe it or not, that process takes months!

Also, in rare cases, during the body’s healing process, the cut vas deferens tube endings can reconnect. This is why you need to have a semen sample analyzed by a lab 3 months after your vasectomy procedure. This is also why your homework is to have 20 ejaculations in that 3 months. You have to “clear the pipes”.  It is very rare for the burned ends of the vas deferens to reconnect, but because it is possible, we have a semen sample prove that you are shooting blanks.

The post vasectomy procedure semen test is an important part of this your vasectomy procedure. Traditionally, this could be an anxiety-inducing experience. Who wants to drive around town with a semen sample or go to a lab to procedure a sample in a medical office? This is why His Choice Durham partnered with the company Fellows. We wanted to make this step as easy as possible. This way you can send your sample on your own time, from your own home, and simply drop a box in the mail and be done with the entire process.

Unlike some vasectomy clinics, His Choice Durham has included the cost of the test in the overall price of the procedure. We promise no surprise bills or additional costs.  So after you pay for your vasectomy procedure, you have no more costs related to follow-up.

Making A Modern Vasectomy Procedure Even Better!

Fellow is an innovative company with a proven track record to let patients know if the vasectomy has been completed successfully. One of the reasons we partnered with Fellows is they have a seamless, intuitive, and very efficient system to stay in touch with you from the start to the finish of the entire process.

Patients are set up in about 30 seconds in the office after the completion of their vasectomy procedure. Patients leave the clinic with a kit which is the size of small cereal box. Three months later, the only step needed at home is to place the sample in the container and seal the box and place it in the mail. That’s it!

Fellows will discreetly communicate with you along the way, providing reminders then communicating the results.

Since moving to the mail-in semen analysis in September 2023, our patients at His Choice Durham have appreciated the convenience of this at home option.

If you have any questions about the test, the process or vasectomy procedure, reach out to Dr. Zerden at DrZerden@hischoicedurham.com

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