Benefits of Vasectomy in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC: A Wise Choice for Family Planning

there-are-many-benefits-of-vasectomyI take care of both men and women for reproductive healthcare, and here are some benefits of vasectomy. One example came up recently as a female patient of mine was complaining that birth control had numerous side effects, and she was tired of having to do something everyday or get an IUD that stays in her uterus with cramping side effects.

The patient and her partner had two young children and they were certain that they did not want any more children. She asked me what I would recommend.

“Vasectomy”, I told her “is a great option.”

Now that there is a new His Choice office in Durham & Chapel Hill, vasectomy is even more accessible.

Vasectomy has gained popularity as a permanent and highly effective solution for men who have completed their families or have chosen not to have children. If you are looking for vasectomy in Durham, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas of North Carolina and Virginia, offering vasectomy services is a valuable resource for individuals and couples seeking a reliable form of birth control.

Below I will describe the benefits of vasectomy as well as the unique features of His Choice Durham and Chapel Hill that make this a great option for men.

Benefits of vasectomy

Highly Effective: Vasectomy is one of the most reliable forms of contraception available. It has a success rate of over 99%, making it an attractive option for couples looking for permanent birth control. At His Choice Durham & Chapel Hill, we use techniques that push this effectiveness rate closer to 99.9%.

No Hormones: Unlike many other forms of contraception, vasectomy doesn’t involve the use of hormones, which can cause side effects in some individuals. This makes it a suitable choice for couples who prefer hormone-free birth control.

Low Risk: Vasectomy is a minimally invasive procedure with a low risk of complications. At His Choice Durham & Chapel Hill, the procedure is typically done in a single visit. We use a minimally invasive, no scalpel, no needle technique that gets men back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Quick Recovery: Most men can resume their normal activities within a few days to a week after the procedure. The recovery period is relatively short compared to other surgical options.

Cost-Effective: Vasectomy is often more cost-effective than other forms of contraception, as it eliminates the ongoing expenses associated with birth control pills, condoms, or other methods such as IUDs which can cost hundreds of dollars. At His Choice Durham & Chapel Hill, we have a single rate we charge up front, but you can then submit to your insurance. That amount is often cheaper than obtaining the vasectomy at a large university practice (if you can even get an appointment) or urology clinic, as you will likely be charged significant amounts in co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.

More information: Cost of a single visit vasectomy at His Choice Durham Chapel Hill

What you see is what you get at His Choice Durham and Chapel Hill. Finding out the price at other larger clinics is often a mystery, but we all know how bills add up once you go for a procedure, and they just keep coming in the mail. There won’t be any of that at His Choice Durham & Chapel Hill.

Considerations before having a vasectomy

Although vasectomy is a great option for most men who are done having children (or are certain they don’t want any children), there are a few considerations before getting a vasectomy.

Vasectomy is intended to be permanent. Individuals and couples should carefully consider a few important factors including the permanence. Vasectomy is intended to be permanent. While it is possible to reverse the procedure, the success rate for reversal varies, and there are no guarantees of restoring fertility. Vasectomy reversal is more expensive and is not covered by insurance.

Future family plans. It’s crucial to think about future family plans. If there is any uncertainty about wanting more children in the future, you should consider other reversible contraceptive options.

Vasectomy consultation

We allow patients the option of having a single visit vasectomy procedure. Over 90% of our patients choose to skip the consultation visit and schedule a single visit vasectomy procedure.

If you are uncertain about having a procedure as permanent as a vasectomy, you are unsure about the best method of birth control, or if you are unsure if you even want more children then we recommend you consider a consultation prior to your vasectomy procedure. We can talk about it and see if vasectomy is the best choice for you.

Men with prior testicular conditions (undescended testicle surgery or prior vasectomy and then vasectomy reversal) or those on blood thinners or those with unique medical conditions will need a consultation.

Otherwise, if you are healthy, you can schedule your vasectomy in the next couple of weeks or months through the His Choice Durham and Chapel Hill website. We generally have available appointments with one to two weeks of contacting our office.

The bottom line is that vasectomy is a safe, effective, and permanent method of birth control that offers individuals and couples peace of mind when it comes to family planning.

We’ve already have numerous successful procedures with men walking out saying: “That wasn’t bad at all. I can’t believe I put that off for almost a year.”

Scheduling your vasectomy in Durham and Chapel Hill

His Choice Vasectomy in Durham and Chapel Hill is open for single visit vasectomy procedures. We are all busy people so single visit vasectomy is one important positive aspect of scheduling with Dr Zerden.

Dr. Zerden offers single visit appointments in the evenings, mornings, and some Saturdays. Many men are unable to schedule their procedure in a timely fashion because of multiple prolonged appointments that are made months into the future. Who really knows what they will be doing six months in the future? Most practices make patients wait long times for their consultations.

With His Choice you can get scheduled within one to two weeks for a single visit vasectomy. If you have been looking for a vasectomy in Durham, Chapel Hill or the surrounding area then His Choice is for you.

Get started now: Scheduling vasectomy made easy!

Come check us out for this quick, minimally invasive, outpatient procedure conveniently located in Durham and Chapel Hill. You will soon learn about the benefits of vasectomy.

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Separating the Facts & Myths

MYTH #1:

My testicles will drop after my vasectomy!


No Your Testicles Will Not Drop

MYTH #2:

Sex will not be the same after vasectomy!


Your Sex Life May Be Even Better

MYTH #3:

After vasectomy my testosterone will drop!


Your Testosterone Levels Will Be The Same

MYTH #4:

After Vasectomy My Manhood Will Be Taken Away!


You Manhood Is Not Affected

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